About the SEO agency heard for the first time from his colleague at the university. He said something about it that feeds on the writing of PR articles and short texts that are used for linkbuilding. At that time he had no idea what it was about, but he became interested in half a year later. He was given the opportunity of a brigade at one company who wanted to write PR articles and also short texts that accompany various products offered.
Excellent offer
At first he thought it was a joke, especially after he told him how much he'd pay for it. It was a very excellent offer and, of course, Kryštof accepted it. Initially, the PR texts were poorly written, because this was never done before, and he did not know much about it. He counted the words and did not know where the boundaries are and how exactly the keywords are used, or what linkbuilding is exactly for, but it has become accustomed over time.