Every habitat under control

Traditionally, your community is organising a sports cycling event that you regularly attend every year. Start and start takes place in the sports complex, where each participant registers and receives a number and can go. At each site, participants can refresh themselves or take a moment to relax in the shade. Also for this occasion are the indispensable party tents, which will ensure each post of patronity from the unpredictability of the weather. And in the finish, which is at the same time waiting on a larger scale ready for evening entertainment.
Evening entertainment in full swing
Preparations are coming to an end, the wallet is on the alert full of money and friends are also gathering. Evening Outdoor entertainment with live band starts in a few minutes. Everything is ready on the pitch, the band plays on the stage and the visitors sit under the arranged party tents and clout enthusiastically. Even when the rain comes, they'll be dry.